Monday, December 16, 2013

Almost done!

Since it's technically Tuesday (hey pregnancy insomnia, how you doin'), I can officially say I'm in the last ten weeks of my pregnancy! 30 weeks down, 10 (less than that, really) to go. How crazy is that? I mean, really? It feels like I just found out that we were going to have a little bean join the family yesterday and now I'm sitting here at 1am feeling him kick and jab away in my tummy (he's taken quite the liking to my punching belly button and left hip lately. Mama is not amused by this to say the least). 

At my next endocronologist appointment, my doctor is going to go over my insulin levels for labor and delivery. When a diabetic mama who is insulin dependent like myself goes into labor, her need for insulin falls back to pre-pregnancy levels (yay!) and in some cases, the need for insulin is completely gone for a day or two after birth (double yay!) For some reason this is really making it real. We're going to have a real live baby soon and they might actually let me take him home (but probably only because Todd looks like a responsible adult)! 

Because of my diabetes, I'm probably not going to make it to 40 weeks before they induce me and it's something I've struggled my entire pregnancy with. In my ideal world, I would go into labor naturally when he was ready to come and labor without much medical intervention. But, as I've learned during this pregnancy, life doesn't exactly cooperate and is rarely ideal (and your body isn't cooperative much either). So, I've accepted it and am moving on with a picture of what my birth expereice is going to look like: possible & likely induction in a hosptial with monitoring around the clock. It may not be my ideal situation, but it's my reality. Without these medical interventions that will define my birth, it would be very hard (life threatening even) to get pregnant and carry a child to term. It took me a while to come to terms with that. I'm a big believer in natural labor and labor being something that is beautiful and every woman should get to experience in her own ideal way. But, we don't always get what we want. I keep reminding myself that I am so very lucky to have been born in a time where such medical advancements are avaliable to me. 

I'm not feeling 'huge' yet, but my OB insists that there is still time for that. So, I'm looking forward to being a whale soon. I've been working on my Shamu impressions to make everything more realistic.  Despite the fact that I'm working a limited schedule, I still find myself exhausted at the end of the day (and then wide awake as soon as my head hits the pillow. Thanks kid.)

Todd and I are enjoying our last few weeks of having a two member family while still being anxious and excited for our family to grow into three. The knowledge that I'm going to be a mom so soon is freaking me out more than a little, but I can't wait to meet my little. 

Here's an insta-look at what we've been up to while settling into our new routine at home in Michigan: 

We bought his crib! I love walking into the nursery and seeing it there, just waiting for him to come home. 

We went to my favorite place on earth, Bronner's Christmas store in Frankenmuth (and got chicken dinner. I was a happy pregnant that night) 

I turned into a master baker and made ALL the pies for Thanksgiving

We decorated the tree (I'm working on convincing Todd to let it stay up year round. So far, he's not into the idea.)

AND! I got to see my little's cute face. One of the benefits of having diabetes and being pregnant is that you get lots of ultrasounds! I love seeing him kick and squirm away up on the screen. 

Next up: 
New Years!
My baby shower! 
Todd goes to Utah for his sisters wedding! 
And then...