Monday, April 8, 2013

Answered Prayers & Conference Weekend

This weekend was one of my favorite weekends of the entire year: General Conference! Over the course of 2 days, hundreds of thousands of Latter-day Saints  gather in Church buildings around the world, gather around their TV, computer or iPad, and inside the Conference Center in Salt Lake City to hear living Prophets speak. The weekend of Conference is one of my favorite because it's a spiritual feast for my soul. Listening to President Thomas S. Monson, his Apostles, and other Church leaders give advice  guidance  and tell stories is something I cherish and love about the Church. 

There are 2 general sessions a day and another Priesthood session on Saturday night for the men. We had the opportunity to go to Saturday Morning's session with all of Todd's siblings, which was wonderful. We hadn't all been together since our wedding last March!

 Usually, I prayerfully think about what questions I should have in mind while listening to the talks during the weekend. I did this my first Conference before I had even made the decision to get baptized and every single one was answered specifically. It is amazing the answers you get. 

That morning though, I found myself in need of an answer to a prayer urgently. I ate breakfast in the morning and took my insulin like a good diabetic. By the time I got myself seated in the Conference Center I started to feel a little funny. I checked my Continuous Glucose Monitor (his name is Gordon. He's pink) that gives me a blood sugar reading every 5 minutes and saw that my sugar was steadily falling. It went from 100 to 90 in 2 readings. And being the bubble head that I am, I forgot to pack something to eat. I knew I wasn't going to make it through the 2 hour session without getting into serious trouble. 

I leaned over to T and asked him to say a quick prayer that I'd be able to get through the session without problems. I said a quick one as well, begging Heavenly Father to help me. I felt calm the entire time. I knew it was going to be okay, I just didn't really know how. My sister-in-law offered up her muffin that was sitting in the car and T offered to go get it. This was a half hour before the session started and I knew he'd be hard pressed to make it back in time, if they even let him back in. He went running anyway, with my keys and his ticket in hand. 

About 5 minutes later, he comes back. Well, that was quick! I thought. He told me to come with him, that he had found something for me. He told me that he had passed 4 or 5 volunteers and suddenly got a prompting to ask the next woman he saw. The woman he asked just happened to be standing near the snack room filled with food for the session volunteers. She said 'you've come to the right person! Bring your wife back and we'll get her some food!' after he explained what went on. 

With my sugar still dropping (it was around 80 at that point and the 'low' alarm had gone off on my monitor) I bounced up the stairs behind my husband and bolted to the room. I think I shoved 3 cookies in my mouth while the woman left us in privacy. Then, an elderly man came in and probably thought we were totally stealing the food because he said in a not-so-nice tone 'Can I help you?' I explained the situation and his face lit up. He pulled out a little fast acting glucose shake from his jacket pocket and handed it to me. He was a diabetic too! I mean, again, what are the chances?! 

I happily took my cookies, juice, and rice krispies back to my seat (I got some odd looks but whatever) and happily stayed at a normal glucose level for the rest of the session. If it weren't for my CGM, I would have never known that my sugar was dropping and if it weren't for my wonderful husband and our quick prayers, I don't know what I would have done. I would have been in trouble, that is for sure. 

Usually, the answers to my prayers come quietly in a small voice or a tiny answer but this time was different. Our prayers were answered with this loud voice that said "I'm here! I'll take care of you my child!". Loud and clear Heavenly Father! Thank you! 

When the Prophet walked into the Conference Center, my eyes filled with tears. I don't know if it was because of my experience that morning or if it was the Spirit confirming what I already believed, but I knew in that moment that the Church was True and President Monson is a Prophet on the earth today. I can't wait to attack the Conference issue of the Ensign when it comes in the mail. T won't even have a chance to read it, I'm stealing it. ;) 

I can't wait until October and the next General Conference!