Saturday, May 18, 2013


This past Wednedsday I glanced out the window and was surprised to see one of the brightest rainbows I had ever seen. I had been having a crappy week and it put mood in a better place. 

This weekend we're taking it easy and preparing for our big road trip next week! I am so excited to go on a honeymoon, just a year late ;) We'll be flying into Seattle and driving down to San Francisco. It'll be H's first time seeing the ocean (!!) and our first real vacation together as a couple (!!!). 

What are you doing for Memorial Day Weekend?!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My new additions.

No. Not THAT kind of addition. 

This kind of addition: 

and this: 

The first picture is of Pinglet. And the second picture is of Gordon. Pinglet is my insulin pump and Gordon is my Continous Glucose Monitor (CGM). Together, they help me keep tight control over my diabetes. And having Pinglet hooked up to me 24/7 means NO MORE SHOTS! 

Pinglet is kind of an external pancreas. Technically, Pinglet is an Animas Ping Insulin Pump. Since she's pink and I want a piglet but H won't let me get one, Pinglet came to life. My pancreas doesn't really work all that well and shots suck, so when my doctor and I talked about the future and starting a family, he suggested I consider the insulin pump and CGM. It will allow me to have tighter control over my sugars while I'm pregnant (no, this is not an announcement!) and will allow me to have a healthy pregnancy and baby! 

My CGM continously monitors my blood glucose (hence the name...) and it allows me to catch those highs and lows easier and quicker. I can correct highs and lows a lot easier. Gordon is a Dexcom G4 CGM. He's pink. When I got him I was on a marathon watching of 'Hell's Kitchen' hosted by Gordon Ramsey. That's where he got his name. He alerts me to when my sugar is rising or falling fast. 

While making the decision to go on both of these (it was a big decision. Pinglet and Gordon are big committments) I talked to a lot of people that had them, including my mom! My mom has diabetes too and she has always been a great help to me. She has her own version of Gordon and has had hers longer than I've had mine. She's been really successful on hers and that inspired to go ahead and get my own. 

When I had people tell me these two things are life changing I kind of rolled my eyes. But, after a month on both of them, I can honestly say they were all right. Giving myself insulin is easier and less invasive and awkward (try giving yourself a shot in the stomach while wearing a dress and not bringing attention to yourself! Newp. You can't) and catching my highs and my lows makes life easier as well. 

If you're considering going on either of them, please leave a comment with any questions! I'd be totally happy to talk about either Pinglet or Gordon. They're awesome. :)